Marketing Work Management: Driving the Revolution of Marketing

Gain control over your organisation and every stakeholder in your processes with the Marketing Work Management platform from Encodify. From budgeting, planning and content approval to integration into your IT infrastructure, MWM provides the flexibility you need to streamline and optimise your marketing operations in one easy-to-use platform.


"Encodify reduces complexity and provides a structured overview of our most important processes. Not only it has reduced time-to-market dramatically, but also has become a highly sought-after solution within our company."

Finbarr González O'Sullivan,
Marketing Manager, AgroSevilla

The fast lane to marketing efficiency

Tasks, projects, campaigns, promotions, instore signage, digital catalogues, HTML-banners … Whatever the content or assets that needs to be controlled and produced at scale Encodify can help you connect all stakeholders instantly to drive all aspects of the production process across the organisation. Our highly configurable platform is designed to seamlessly link people and processes. From strategy to evaluation.

Our Offering & Process

Think, plan, execute. A core part of Encodifys Marketing Work Management platform.

With strategic planning, organisations can create and manage strategies to ensure they reach their long-term goals and objectives. Track progress and analyze data to identify areas of improvement and prioritize resources to maximize their effectiveness. By scheduling and managing resources, business can make better decisions and stay focused on their plans for the future.

Strategic Planning

Orchestration of every stakeholder - our marketing calendar ties everything together in a perfect symphony

Lead strategically with an cyclical processes that reflects the ongoing planning prosses. Plan, track, measure campaigns and activities. Orchestrate the work of all stakeholders so they align goals across the company. While unlocking the untapped potential of teams ensuring everyone is focused on tasks that moves the needle.

Marketing Calendar. Use This

Last minute changes? Easy peasy with our Campaign Management tool

How we at Encodify deliver campaign management offers you greater insight, a better ROI, and agility. It enables companies to plan and execute marketing activities more efficiently, target the right audience and have the agility to do last minut changes on campings and still keep up with deadlines.

Access detailed analytical reports
Access detailed analytical reports
Gain a higher return on investment
Gain a higher return on investment
Adjust marketing activities on the fly
Adjust marketing activities on the fly
Campaign Management

What is Marketing Work Management?

Marketing Work Management (MWM) is a software that documents and optimises digital marketers' processes, workflows, and projects.

Marketing work management platforms assist marketing leaders and their teams in organising their day-to-day work so that they can meet their goals on time and within budget. This all while managing resources and facilitating communication and collaboration. Task assignments, time tracking, budgeting, team communication, and file sharing are examples of functions.

What are the benefits of Marketing Work Management?

 Implementing a MWM software has numerous advantages, including:

  • improved marketing efficiency and effectiveness
  • better alignment of marketing activities with business goals
  • increased transparency and visibility into the marketing process
  • improved collaboration and communication among marketing team members
  • reduced costs and wasted effort

What tools are used in Marketing Work Management?

MWM give marketers visibility into projects being completed throughout the department. Request management, project communication and collaboration, automated workflow templates, project collaboration and digital asset approval, multiple project views, resource allocation, dashboards, and budgeting are all features of MWM. 

Additionally, Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management, and other end-to-end performance functions may be included.

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