JYSK: A 25% reduction in time to market
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JYSK achieved a 25% reduction in time to market

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With stores in 52 countries worldwide, a clear overview is crucial for JYSK.

A clear overview is crucial when JYSK communicates their weekly offers through several channels to stores in 52 countries worldwide.


JYSK | Quality Perception Jump

JYSK is an international retail chain that opened its first department store in Denmark in 1979 with the dream of selling everything for your home. JYSK’s ambition was to show that you can always do things better and grow even more significant. JYSK has approximately 8,000 products on their shelves, representing anything from pillows to garden furniture, towels or shelf supports. Not all countries offer the exact sizes or colours, so you must tread a delicate balance when several offers make their way to the consumer.

The need for a more structured approach to newspaper production increased as the number of stores expanded nationally and internationally.

With JYSK’s expansion to more and more markets also came a need to adapt to linguistic and cultural aspects and support internal collaboration and connect systems. In 2004, the demand became so significant that JYSK needed a plan to optimise its weekly offers. JYSK wanted a shared tool where everyone had access to the same information.

The aim was to make sure:

  • Prices were correct
  • To avoid correcting texts in multiple places in their system
  • It is possible to see pictures
    and logos directly alongside the texts to ensure proper exports for interest drawing.

Since then, Encodify has provided a consistent and structured approach to newspaper production across JYSK’s different markets.

The solution has helped JYSK streamline quality assurance and reduced errors and production time. Since then, the need to market across multiple channels has only grown significantly. Encodify has continuously provided possibilities to expand the platform across the needed channels, which today makes the platform a trustworthy multi-channel platform.

Encodify now supports more than 2,500 JYSK stores in more than 25 countries.


Encodify Makes Everything Available In One System Giving A Clear Overview And Unifying Processes Across Countries

Alongside Jens-Henrik Jensby, Director, Integration and Digital Development at JYSK, Encodify has been streamlining JYSK’s processes and improving everyday life for the marketing teams:

JYSK has, among other features, chosen to add Encodify’s proofreading tool to their solution to get the most cost-effective workflow.

With Encodify Retail Solution, JYSK’s marketing departments can find everything in one system, ensuring that texts are reused, and corrections are made only once since Encodify Retail exchanges data with SAP.

This ensures:

  • A great overview
  • A minimal error rate
  • A higher quality of the finished material
  • And that preparation has become considerably faster.

Encodify Retail Solution is flexible in its design and allows modules to be connected and disconnected on an ongoing basis. It enables JYSK to unify its processes across countries and agencies.

Hungarian, Ukrainian and Danish market- ing employees log in to the same system and always have the correct texts, logos and prices. This way, employees are more efficient and make fewer mistakes than before when translations, corrections and illustrations were sent back and forth via mail.

Thanks to the integration, JYSK has built a practical approach that provides all the necessary information when they need it and where it fits into the process.

"The solution is strongly integrated with our system landscape. The integration is strong because data is available where it should be. We have significantly reduced data maintenance."

Jens-Henrik Jensby,
Director, Integration and Digital Development at JYSK.

6-8 Weeks From The Initial Work In SAP To The Final Newspaper Being Posted Through The Mailbox

JYSK bases the choice of items for the leaflet on insights from their SAP system.

In SAP, they select the items and locations and determine prices. The campaign is then transferred to Encodify’s system, where the individual items from the newspaper are processed and consolidated into several marketing objects.

It’s essential for JYSK to follow the concepts themselves because, in this way, they can optimise their communication to internal and external partners, which also allows them to digitise the processes even further.

The result?

"We can find and define the various deadlines for a given newspaper in a given country based on a few parameters, pages, format etc., and at the same time have an overview across all ongoing productions and campaigns. Besides this, the electronic proofing and structured use of master data is a significant advantage in their daily work. "

Jens-Henrik Jensby,
Director, Integration and Digital Development at JYSK.

According to Jens-Henrik, the interaction between Encodify and JYSK is essential when optimising their business processes:

The interaction between us having some business needs and Encodify pays attention to things we might not have thought of. We utilise the harmony of the experience gained from different industries. Therefore, it’s advantageous for us that several other customers use Encodify to keep abreast of the various trends and how we can do things differently. Encodify has helped us constantly make demands of ourselves and identify how we can increase efficiency at all times. Working with Encodify and adapting the solution to our business processes and finding a reasonable compromise has meant that we have continuously been able to improve our performance. We make fewer mistakes and corrections and thus spend less time and money.


JYSK And DBL Plan To Reduce Production Time
With Encodify’s Platform

In March 2019, JYSK announced that Dänisches Bettenlager (DBL) and JYSK Nordic were about to be merged under JYSK. After the merger, JYSK decided to extend its contract with Encodify, which includes both JYSK Nordic and DBL. With a dream of tremendous success in the market, JYSK and DBL are now one entity, which also means working in a common direction and on the same IT platform.


JYSK has a clear expectation that they can reduce the production time at DBL, so that part of the business will end up at the same level as in JYSK. The goal is that their time to market will be significantly lower.

"At least we have proof of concept that our process in Encodify works and that it’s a solution that has helped us to streamline our workflows around newspapers. Since DBL has been considering a new system, it’s obvious for us to say that we have a system that works. - If the latest period of changing an offer in our leaflet can go from 4 to 3 weeks, there is a lot of profit for us."

Jens-Henrik Jensby,
Director, Integration and Digital Development at JYSK.

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