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Our no-code MWM solutions help all stakeholders in the marketing value chain collaborate more efficiently. By converging DAM/PIM, workflow, proofing, and project management, we help clients achieve faster and more reliable marketing success.

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Elevate your team's performance by breaking down silos and promoting transparency.

Empower them with cutting-edge automation, genuine inter-departmental collaboration, and comprehensive insights.

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Keeping You on Track: Encodify's 100% Audit Trail for Compliance and Control

With Encodify, you can ensure a 100% audit trail for compliance and control purposes while promoting organisational transparency and enabling seamless collaboration across your business. Achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and success with Encodify.


Explore a handful of our many successful projects and discover how Encodify helped our customers achieve their goals.

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  • Encodify is the platform that has allowed El Corte Inglés to structure and optimise marketing and production workflows, achieving a significant reduction in time to market, a reduction in errors and improving efficiency.
    Alberto Muñoz Cabanillas
    Alberto Muñoz Cabanillas,
    Chief Information Systems - Marketing & Production departments at El Corte Inglés
  • We would need to double up on the number of employees within marketing, if we didn’t work on the Encodify platform.
    Kristina Rudebeck Dahl
    Kristina Rudebeck Dahl,
    CMO at Davidsen Tømmerhandel A/S
  • We have gone from an average of three proofing rounds to an average of 1.47 proofing rounds. We save a lot of time on the fact that it has become a more efficient flow without too much manual handling.
    Mette Maibom
    Mette Maibom,
    Supply Chain Specialist at Flügger
  • With Encodify’s system we get a lot more value for our marketing money. At the same time we avoid making mistakes and achieve a much higher quality.
    Jens-Henrik Jensby
    Jens-Henrik Jensby,
    Director, Integration, and Digital Development at JYSK
  • If you are one of life's people who are creative, why would you buy a 'paint by numbers' paint kit, you don't! You buy something that allows you to create whatever you want, and that's what Encodify does for me, I scope a business problem, and I create a business solution, and I create this solution using my paint box 'Encodify apps'.
    Marcus Millgate
    Marcus Millgate,
    Client Implementations Director at Leap
  • To be competitive in the agency world, you have to automate the marketing process. Our clients are happy about using Encodify. The system provides our clients with the proper overview and an effective marketing process.
    Lars Bo Hansen
    Lars Bo Hansen,
    CEO at SPRING Production A/S
  • Moving to the Encodify platform revolutionised the way that our business manages, maintains and collaborates on the full project lifecycle. The reporting and dashboard features provide quick and intuitive access to information tailored to each individual’s needs.
    Adam Butterworth
    Adam Butterworth,
    Head Of Technology at Curious
  • With the Encodify system we are able to manage all of our marketing requests in one place, allowing us to have full overview of our tasks, which has enabled us to work more efficiently. We have full transparency of who is working on what task and with a full approval tracking process in place.
    Jane Creek
    Jane Creek,
    Senior Manager, Global Marketing at 3shape
  • Since the beginning of our journey with Encodify, we have achieved zero errors in our marketing collateral and much fewer proofing rounds. We have saved a lot on production and can switch agency if we need to, and we definitely have a shorter time to market.
    Claus Petersen
    Claus Petersen,
    CEO at jem & fix
  • With the automated workflows in Encodify’s proofing tool, we can easily track who is responsible at any given time. The personalised dashboards help us to get things done faster and with fewer proofing rounds.
    Christian Backman
    Christian Backman,
    Product Manager at Flügger
  • The more data I enter into the system the better. It’s like, now, we are rewarded all the time, because everything is so much easier. We save time, our customers save time. A lot of time is saved in fact.
    Michael Kjærulff
    Michael Kjærulff,
    Product Manager at Thorkild Larsen A/S
  • Encodify reduces complexity and provides a structured overview of our most important processes. Not only has it dramatically reduced time-to-market, but it has also become a highly sought-after solution within our company.
    Finbarr González O'Sullivan
    Finbarr González O'Sullivan,
    Marketing Manager at Agro Sevilla
  • We see Encodify as a key partner within our tech stack. Encodify is a flexible tech partner and supports integration with other best-of-breed technology. We have found that when our clients utilise our tech stack, including Encodify, they typically become long-term clients of Splash.
    Ben Terry
    Ben Terry,
    CTO of Splash Worldwide
  • No matter how much our demand for content grows, we now have a faster, smoother and error-free process. Encodify's system fits within our system, giving us complete control!
    Per Sørensen
    Per Sørensen,
    Operations manager at Fleggaard

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The Encodify platform

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Prebuilt integrations

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