Innovating No-Code Marketing Work Management

Using a no-code approach, you can easily add components and create custom applications that work for your team and business. 

Hero Platform

Learn about the Core Capabilities of the Encodify platform

The Encodify platform is a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to optimise their data operations. The platform has many features and capabilities that enable efficient data processing, storage, and management.

Module views are the basis for how you visualise your data within Encodify. Create endless split, spreadsheet, gallery, kanban, and timeline 2.0 views to ensure whatever the use case; you have the right view suitable for your end users to track progress

Control How Your Visualise Your Data

Our module-based approach makes it easy to build and customise the way in which you store your data, making it much more flexible than out-of-the-box solutions. It's your data, stored and accessed the way you want it.

Flexible Data Model

Our enterprise-level branding allows you to create vanity URLs to control the branded experience for login pages. Our custom themes extend to allow the branding to be applied to specific users.

Match Your Organisation’S Branding

Our module views may not always provide the most optimal way to engage with users - it’s why we have built a number of dedicated apps with custom user experiences.

Dedicated Apps For Additional Use Cases

Optimise and orchestrate end-to-end business workflows across your teams and partners with the use of our business process workflow engine. 

Powerful Workflows Driving Your Business Process

Drive efficiencies within your application by automating business rules such as validation, formatting, emails, in-app notifications and much much more.

Powerful Workflows Driving Your Business Process – 1

Ensure seamless connection to your business applications with our dedicated or custom connectors to help streamline business operations and improve data accuracy.

Learn more about our integrations.

Control How Your Visualise Your Data Flexible Data Model Match Your Organisation’S Branding Dedicated Apps For Additional Use Cases Powerful Workflows Driving Your Business Process Powerful Workflows Driving Your Business Process – 1 Integrations

Learn about our feedback policy

We value our customer's input and constantly strive to improve our products and services based on their feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Get the answers you need!

What are no-code platforms?

No-code allows for business users with a non-technical background from building enterprise-level applications without needing to develop using traditional programming languages.

What is the difference between traditional development and no-code?

Traditional software development often involves building an out-the-box solution using various programming languages with various technologies. 

While no-code still has a reliance on professional engineering resources, they provide a set of tools or building blocks to allow for a normal business user to build an application.

What is a citizen developer?

Citizen developers are often business users or IT professionals who have an understanding of the opportunities and pains points within an organisation. Using the tools provided by the no-code application they are able to build an application  rather than relying on a professional software engineer.

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