The Agency leadership agenda

As an Agency executive, you are painfully aware of the need to be in control of cost. You know that Business Excellence in the Agency sphere is all about people and providing them with the tools to secure productivity, effectiveness and efficiency from brief to billing.   


You acknowledge that your tech stack is key to success but also that the pace of change and the increasing complexity of marketing makes it hard to be in control of your infrastructure and you are genuinely concerned about orchestrating your organisation to manage this situation.  


To top it all, clients are not only looking for great prices, and second-to-none creativity - they are also looking to tap into your workflows and tech-stack. 

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The Agency leadership challenge

How Encodify help Agency leaders secure perfomance

You want to help your people perform and to collaborate seamlessly. Provide them with the best tools and ensure you bring out the best in them. Happy employees equal happy customers!


So magine having all your tools integrated into one platform to bring processes and people together seamlessly.  


The result is greater employee satisfaction, higher productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

You handle large volumes of data, including project plans, budgets, schedules, and creative assets.


Managing this data can be a major challenge, especially working on multiple projects simultaneously.


Managing big volumes at scale is a core capability of Encodify - all connected and integrated in best practice workflows.

So clients want to get the most of your partnerships with them. This includes tapping into your Digital Asset Management platform, and having a shared view of tasks, approvals, budgets, translations and much more. 


By opening up the Encodify platform, you are adding to the value you can provide to your clients - and a the same time, it gives you all the benefits of efficiency in the approval process, a full audit trail of all engagement and the opportunity to align between stakeholders.  

Agencies often work with a wide range of external partners, including clients, vendors, and freelancers.


Ensuring smooth communication and collaboration with these partners can be a challenge, especially if the agency is working with people in different locations or time zones.



Protecting sensitive data, such as client information or proprietary creative assets, is a major concern for agencies.

Ensuring that data is secure and protected from cyber threats can be a significant challenge.


Any agency relies on a wide range of technology, including software tools, hardware, and other equipment.


Staying up to date with the latest technology and ensuring that it is properly maintained can be a major challenge. And if not managed correctly, you'll see shadow IT cost explode - all for a single feature and the expense of control and productivity. 


IT costs can be a significant expense for an agency, especially if they are working on large or complex projects, and if the hidden cost of shadow IT comes out of control. 


Managing these costs and maximizing the return on investment in IT is a challenge. 


Basing your IT strategy on a best-practice solution is a great starting point. Securing that you'll still be on the forefront of the innovation curve moving forward ads to future competitiveness. So if you want to know more about our longstanding innovations you can dig deeper by visiting our platform page  


The benefits of sophisticated Work Management from Encodify

Improved agility & efficiency

A work management solution automates tasks and processes, streamlining workflow for efficient and effective teamwork. It includes Digital Asset, Time and Project Management, allowing rapid implementation of changes.

Better collaboration & client satisfaction

Encodify facilitates better communication and collaboration among team members, providing a central platform for sharing and accessing information. But it's not only for internal team members. Bring

Enhanced planning and execution

The solution can provide data and insights that can inform decision-making, helping the leadership team to make more informed and strategic choices.

The Encodify Platform

Overall, a sophisticated marketing work management solution can help the category leadership and team work more efficiently, effectively, and strategically, ultimately leading to better business outcomes.

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