Google Translation AI

Automatic translation of text from one language to another. This feature is perfect for simple use cases and can help drive tasks the last mile.


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Get an introduction to Google Translation AI

What is Google Translation AI?

Google Translation AI is a machine translation service provided by Google. It uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate text translations from one language to another.


What's possible with Encodify + Google Translation AI

What is it?

Google Translation AI is a machine learning model developed by Google that powers the Google Translationservice. It uses neural machine translation (NMT) algorithms to automatically translate text between multiple languages in over 100 different languages. 

It can help marketing teams to get quick and accurately translate materials into multiple languages making it much easier to reach a global audience.

What's possible?

As a citizen developer you can empower teams to benefit from automatic translation by specifying a source field to be translated and then map to target fields for as many languages as required. 

Why not partner this with Encodify’s Google Vision Connector to ensure automatic translation of detected metadata image tags. Learn more here

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Our connector is an add-on to your existing licence.

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In addition to your Encodify licence you will also require a licence to Google Translation AI

The benefits of a no-code Marketing Work Management platform

The way we work with Google is just an example of the many benefits


Adding functionality to your workflows by integration and automation is what Encodify is all about.


Even if we are working from best practice and a fit-gap starting point we are able to adapt to specify needs and ongoing innovation.

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